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“Do not leave us.”

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Along the banks of the Euphrates River, 400 municipal leaders and local professionals gathered July 7 for the "Promise of the People" conference in Ramadi.

"This conference is very important," said Col. John Charlton, 1st Brigade Combat Team commander. "It's very important from the standpoint that it shows a continued resolve from the tribal leaders to maintain unity against al-Qaida, support of the Iraqi security forces, and the government of Iraq, as well as support of the efforts of the coalition Forces."

In the video, Iraqi Police LT COL Salah Arrak al Awani pleads "Do not leave us". This is precisely the game plan of the Democrat Party and their supporters. Abandoning Iraqi citizens to the vicious treatment of terrorists is what they can proudly say was 'done in their name.'

As Michael Yon noticed in his report "Bless the Beasts and the Children", Amy Proctor finds a similar appalling lack of coverage of this event by local media outlets.

This is also the story of Iraq - one of hope for a better future - of and by the people of Iraq. The same people the Democrats plan to turn their backs on.

H/T: Amy Proctor

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