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Reality Check: We are at War

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Mike's America reports on the state of appeasement and its costs...

Britain on Alert!

It's a sad day for our friends in Britain and sadder still that the spirit of appeasement is still alive for some who prefer to blame anyone but the terrorists. The following comment from a story in the Evening Standard newspaper is proof that appeasement is not just a phenomenon of supporters of U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul

Comment at "This is London:"

This government is still involved in the biggest foreign policy disgrace ever and shows no sign of either admitting the error or apologising for the suffering they've caused. Iraq was based on lies and the conceipt of a few men (Bush, Cheney, Blair) all of whom are deeply religious nutcases who believe that all's well because God says so. 'We' need to understand that we've caused this blowback, which is based on a justified reaction to our actions, and as long as we deny this we'll be bombed in the streets of London, as thousands are in Iraq. Bush and Blair said this was 'war', what the hell did we expect?

- Bobby Smith, Surrey, London

Apparently Bobby Smith and the Islamist apologists and appeasers prefer to remain willfully ignorant of the number of terrorist attacks that Al Queda and related groups launched against innocent civilians long before the U.S. and our allies, including Britain, invaded Iraq.

Shortly after the 7/7 bombings in London in 2005 another key U.S. ally, Australian Prime Minster John Howard, paid a visit to British Prime Minster Tony Blair. In his remarks afterward, he ticked off a list of attacks against innocent civilians, citing especially the 88 Australians murdered in Bali, which occurred before we invaded Iraq.

Ron Paul and his cult of followers beg that we should "listen to the people who attacked us and the reason they did it." We have done so continually. Bin Laden's "Letter to the American People" in 2002 (again, BEFORE we invaded Iraq) made it clear that Al Queda felt justified in committing acts of terror against innocent civilians in ANY land where the population resisted domination by Muslims under the extreme version of Sharia Law.

  • No sane individual would suggest that the peaceful Buddhists of Thailand have anything to do with the U.S. invasion of Iraq, or U.S. support of Israel.
  • Beheadings of Christian school girls in Indonesia (warning: graphic images) had nothing to do with Iraq. Nothing to do with the United States or Israel.
  • Nor did the massacre of school children at Beslan in Russia (warning: graphic images).
  • Appeasers and apologists should speak to this Russian man and explain why the infant in his arms was murdered because of U.S. or British foreign policy.

No evil self deception, delusion or willful ignorance will save countless innocent lives from the nightmare and horror that the Islamists would unleash. And those who continue to prefer their demented prejudices should be called to account for enabling this nightmare to continue rather than join in a stronger, more unified effort to defeat this evil.

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