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Love at First Ring

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Here are the i-Phone specs - read and weep with joy.

I-phones retail at $499 and up, the opportunity to heckle the Mayor for poor performance -

Mayor John F. Street was among the first to get a coveted iPhone on Friday, waiting in line, on and off, for almost 15 hours and forced to defend the effort when a passer-by asked about the city's skyrocketing murder rate.

He left his spot around 11:30 a.m., soon after a 22-year-old man sporting a mohawk asked him, "How can you sit here with 200 murders in the city already?"

The mayor replied: "I'm doing my job."

Street had planned to stay in line for most of the day, waiting for the cell phones to go on sale, though he said he would to step out to make some appearances. He returned to his spot briefly around 2 p.m., then again at about 4 p.m.

H/T: Barnyard BBS

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