10:45 PM

Vote Philly

Posted by Skye |

Today was the Democratic Primary election for the upcoming Mayoral race. Today, I had to hold my nose as I voted. For the first time, I had the idea of skipping out on this vote as I have no intention of supporting any Democrat candidate for any office. EVER.

My objections to abstaining from this vote were over-ruled with Mom's visit. She stopped by stating we were going to vote. As I explained my plans for skipping this primary election, Mom was quick to remind me of our cousin lying in Arlington Cemetery who gave his life to preserve this opportunity. (Score 1 - Mom) I responded by reminding her that the party we both belong to is actively trying to demean and politicize Toz's sacrifice in order to assure a victory for terrorists in Iraq. (Score 1 - Skye) Mom responded with 'The Look' - twenty minutes later we were arrived at our local voting poll.

I voted NO to the question of bringing the troops home now and cast my vote to Jesus White , in hopes he will be the next mayor of Philadelphia.

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