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RNC Debate

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Rudy owned the debate thanks in part to the nonsensical ramblings of the village idiot: Ron Paul. I do believe we are witnessing the transformation of 'America's Mayor' into 'America's President'.

Duncan Hunter: This is perhaps the RNC's dark horse. A veteran with a son serving in Iraq and a solid conservative. How many DNC candidates have children serving as human shields in Iraq, I wonder?

Mitt Romney: I agree with his brand of conservatism. Being a Mormon? It reminds me of a time when a certain Kennedy was running for President and was asked point blank if he were to become president would the Pope be giving him his presidential marching orders. Apparently liberals have not gotten past their irrational fear of religion.

McCain: We can start addressing him as Senator Mc-who after this debate.

Ron Paul: Ignorance is not bliss and will NOT keep us safe.

The rest of the pack did not stand out in any meaningful way last night.

What the public had to say: With more than 40,000 text messages received by Fox News regarding who 'won' the Tuesday night debate - the winner is: Mitt Romney who garnered 29% of the vote, followed by Ru Paul and Rudy Giuliani. I laughed every time Alan Colmes brought up the current results of the text message poll - treating the results as dogma. Ahem, I voted 4 times via text messages for Rudy. Yeah, that result is dogma all right...dogmatic pooh!

Who Won The Republican Debate in NC?
Sam Brownback
James Gilmore
Rudy Giuliani
Mike Huckabee
Duncan Hunter
John McCain
Ron Paul
Mitt Romney
Tom Tancredo
Tommy Thompson
I didn't Watch The Debate
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