7:51 PM

What the Frak - Episode 1

Posted by Skye |

Nestled on the link panel is a small script that track visitors to MidnightBlue. Statcounter is a great utility bloggers can use to track traffic patterns on their websites. On smart feature within Statcounter is called Recent Keyword Analysis. This function allows the user to see how the latest visitors to the website are using the search engines to find your website. Essentially you can view the 'keyword' typed into a search engine that lead the viewer to your site. It can be quite illuminating to see what keywords drove visitors to your website.

This leads me to my 'What The Frak!" moment: I have discovered someone found my blog via a keyword search of "George Galloway Shirtless". A mental visual that lingers like a bad burrito.
I'm still in mystification as to why MidnightBlue could in anyway be linked to a shirtless Galloway?


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