9:58 PM

We Have A Winner!

Posted by Skye |

Wow! Looks like my comment has drawn the most votes on Flopping Aces recent 'Caption This' contest celebrating their millionth visitor milestone. YEAH!!

I'm looking forward to modeling the T-shirt while sipping latte from my new mug and cuddling up with the guys from Flopping Aces. Stay tuned for photos!

Seriously, I can't imagine a woman in a greater need of face-lift therapy as Hilary. However, scalpels and botox will never disguise her socialist core.

Again, my thanks to the fabulously talented investigative bloggers over at Flopping Aces - you are my inspiration.

UPDATE: Upon reflection of my initial comments, I feel the need to amend my comments to include Madame Pelosi as a close second, immediately followed by Babs Boxer.

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