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Love those mighty Minis

Philip Adams rhapsodizes about his baby.
"People can't help but smile and point," he said, beaming at the adorable 2-year-old.

Others might tire of a proud papa, crowing about his pride and joy. But in Adams' circle, gathered in West Chester last Saturday, everyone shared his love of little ones. That's little, as in Mini.

As in Mini Cooper, the play-sized buggies from across the Pond. "I never owned a car I had so much fun with," said Jennifer Schere of Eagle, as her husband, Mike, outfitted their orange convertible with a lighted reindeer, garlands and a blow-up Santa Claus at the Philadelphia Mini Meet rally and Christmas party.

There are lots of car enthusiasts out there, but few can rival Mini owners for rabid devotion and a penchant for anthropomorphizing their rides. Their cars are the teacup dogs of the auto world. People dress them up, take them to parties, even get married in them. "It's like a pet or a member of their family," said Julie Gross, who founded the PhillyMINI group in 2003, when her car was just a newborn.

Mini owners have a loopy esprit de corps, said David Thomas of Cars.com. They're non-conformists: Most custom-order their cars and wait about 21/2 months for delivery from England. And they possess a streak of zany exhibitionism. Minis "attract the most loyal following because the car is such a personal statement," Thomas said. "A Chevy Impala is just not the same."

What a lovely surprise to see this article on the front page of the Inquirer this morning. It was placed just underneath the Inquirer's daily "Iraq is quagmire" editorial.

Jack (the Mini Cooper) and I have been together since July 6, 2004. I've never had a bad car day since that fateful meeting.

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