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BSG: Eye of Jupiter

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While harvesting algae on the planet beyond the star cluster, the possible discovery of an ancient artifact known as "the Eye of Jupiter" leads to a deadly stand-off with the Cylons, who believe that the Eye is a marker left by the 13th tribe to point the way to Earth.

Official Drink of 'Eye of Jupiter'


3 cl gin
3 cl dry vermouth
2 cl Pernod
1 cl white creme de menthe
Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Add a maraschino cherry.

Drinks and episode discussion to follow...

I love a good dose of HotPilotLove at the beginning, middle and end of each BSG episode.

NOW Kara claims she wants to uphold the vows she took in front of the gods? Let me get this straight…Kara wants to stay in a marriage where she does not actually live or speak with her husband? Furthermore, Kara described her marriage to Lee as bad and/or failing. I’m sure the gods have an annulment clause in their scriptures.

And Lee? Feeling guilty for being in love with Kara and not his wife? Annulment is your friend, Lee.


At least their little discussion lead both Kara and Lee to openly understand the seriousness of their commitment to one another and of how trapped they are within their marital situations.


Tyrol and his Temple – This might be a shallow point to make – Tyrol appeared quite well fed for a guy living on severely reduced rations. I think he is sneaking into the algae stores on the sly or found a hidden river of hot fudge…

A post on
Battlestar_blog made a clever comparison between a drawing on the wall of Kara's appartment on Caprica and the imagery carved into the stone pillars in Tyrol's Temple. Coincidence?

Why the hell was Dee – Galactica’s version of Radar O’Reilly - in charge of planning this mission? Hello! She wasn't the ranking officer in the group; prior to this she never was invited to attend mission-planning meetings on Galactica. Her time as XO was spent shuffling papers, enabling Lee to bloat and waxing poetically about Admiral Adama every chance she got. I call bullshit

Hera is alive, and now the Agathon’s know. Oh Boy. Adama was one brave hombre to inform the parents without wearing a Kevlar vest.

The spitting match between Lee and Anders reveals just how dirty Sam will fight. The look on Lee’s face was priceless in reaction to Anders slam on Kara. Are we to believe that Lee was shocked because he believes Kara was sleeping around down on New Caprica or because he can't believe Anders is such a bastard? I support Lee reaction # 2.

Wow, Baltar dumped Six in favor of D’eanna? Now we have proof the man is clinically insane.

The episode ends with High Noon at Galactica - will Adama nuke his son, the woman his son loves, and the creepy daughter-in-law that he never loved anyway? Stay tuned for the next episode!

With the airing of “Eye of Jupiter” BSG Season 3.0 and the BSG Friday blog postings have concluded for the half-season. Thankfully, it’s only a short amount of time till the series resumes on Sunday, January 21st. The BSG Friday posting will now transform to BSG Sunday with Bible verses replacing drink recipes :)


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