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Working Moms Talk HealthCare

Posted by Skye |

Republican Women and working moms giving their perspective on the Democrats health care plan.It would be interesting if these women submitted questions to Obama regarding healthcare..oh..wait..these are the people that Obama wants to 'shut up and get out of the way".

Speaking of healthy living, this weekend I'll be restocking the pantry with Whole Food products. At the recent Right Online conference, Grover Norquist spoke of liberal's tendency to eat their own. The liberal/Dem boycott of Whole Foods Market in response to CEO Steve Mackey's healthcare Op Ed is a prime example of this behavior. I'd also throw in the firing of Tommy Christopher as well. Anyone deviating from liberal/dem marching orders are kicked out of the big tent - makes you wonder what type of people populate their 'big tent'?

Here is the article that has turned liberals into a pitchfork wielding mob: Whole Foods Alternative To Heathcare

Find a Whole Foods Market near you, and support 'good' liberal values!

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