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Musings at Longwood Garden

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Thursday night I had the opportunity to spend time photographing a spectacular fountain show held during spring and summer months at Longwood Garden. The show is part of the price of admission and if you are visiting the area, I highly recommend a visit to this garden.

For the shutter bugs - I shot the fountains with a Canon 40d and 12-24mm Tokina lens. Feel free to review the EXIF data provided with the photos. A tripod is essential, a monopod can also be used, but not where I shot these photos. If you are really nice, and did not vote for Obama, I'll share the location with you.

For those unfamiliar with Longwood Gardens, it is the former private estate of Pierre S. DuPont and his wife, Alice. Upon his death in 1954, the estate was opened to the public. Today, Pierre would have been vilified as an 'evil capitalist' and his estate and gardens would have been shown as proof of excessive extravagance. Why would one man need all this land to grow flowers and put on shows for a select group of friends? The cow pasture alone could grow enough food for the poor of Kennett Square! Oh, that cow pasture better have an environmental impact statement, or else! The environazi's would have had a field day - back in the day.

Pierre S. Dupont was a capitalist who certainly made more than 7 times the wage of his lowest paid staffer. In spite of his obvious wealth, there was never any talk of bloody revolution, just accolades from the grateful citizens of Chester County and some minor award from France - The Legion of Honor. Why were his achievements celebrated and not derided as they would be today? Perhaps it was because the entire region benefits from the success of the DuPont company.

More photos of the fountains and Longwood Garden can be found HERE

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