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Astroturf Recruitment in Philly

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Hello MSM! Apparently it takes a blogger to do the work you won't do. Surfing on Philly's Craig's List this evening, I stumbled upon this advertisement looking for grassroot activists to get paid for supporting Obamacare:

Yep, your lying eyes are viewing that correctly - "Summer of Change" is recruiting activists to form grassroot campaigns against "powerful special interest groups like drug and insurance companies". Perhaps getting paid to hold custom made signs at rallies? Oh wait, isn't that precisely what the media and the leftosphere have been accusing the Republicans and tea party patriots of doing? How can democrats be so up in arms about outside funding for Tea Parties when they are doing the same thing? Check out the
Health Care for America Now! website:

Notice the sign held by a paid protester in the screen shot above? Haven't we seen them pop up at healthcare rallies recently - usually held by migrant day laborers. Those signs cost a pretty penny - wonder who is funding the day laborers and the printing of the signs? Certainly NOT the GOP!

Since I don't make allegations with out any supporting data, here are the links to Philly Craigslist recruitment ads:

Summer of Change

Philly is not unique in our funding of grassroot organizing for Obamacare - a helpful tweet lead me to the Sacramento Craigslist that has plenty of Obamacare sign holding opportunities:

NewsBusters is covering the Manhattan Craigslist ad looking for 'Talented leaders needed to work for healthcare reform'. Where is the media outcry? Is this exactly what they denounced the GOP of fostering? Their silence speaks of journalistic cowardice or Obama worship - take your pick.

On a related note, I did find this job advertisement in Philly to be so very relevant to the problems we face with our reckless government:

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