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Jenny, an 'executive director' at the Democrat National Committee emailed me today. Before I discuss this email, I have to know - was Monica Lewinsky an 'executive director' as well??

She gets right to the madness:

The truth is, it's a sham. These "grassroots protests" are being organized and largely paid for by Washington special interests and insurance companies who are desperate to block reform. They're trying to use lies and fear to break the President and his agenda for change.
Hmmm...can you name just ONE Washington special interest group or insurance company that is funding the Tea Party Rally and Health Care Town Hall debates? You wouldn't lie about something this serious? Wouldn't it be in the best interest of the nation to expose these nebulous groups you have mentioned by name? Since you obviously know who they are, please share that information, so together we can call them out. It's all about credibility and trust, right, Jenny?

Health insurance reform is about our lives, our jobs, and our families -- we can't let distortions and intimidation get in the way. We need to expose these outrageous tactics, and we're counting on you to help. Can you read these "5 facts about the anti-reform mobs," then pass them along to your friends and family?
Health INSURANCE Reform? Wasn't it just yesterday called "Health CARE Reform"? You wouldn't want this to be seen as a bait and switch tactic. That would not be the way to engage the trust of people when you distort your agenda in such a blatant and easily seen way. You want people to believe you Jenny, because you wouldn't use misleading statements to get your point across, right, Jenny?
    5 facts about the anti-reform mobs

    1. These disruptions are being funded and organized by out-of-district special-interest groups and insurance companies who fear that health insurance reform could help Americans, but hurt their bottom line. A group run by the same folks who made the "Swiftboat" ads against John Kerry is compiling a list of congressional events in August to disrupt. An insurance company coalition has stationed employees in 30 states to track where local lawmakers hold town-hall meetings.
Can you name one out-of-district special-interest group or insurance company? I keep track of my local representatives Town Hall meetings on a regular basis - no need for an unnamed 'insurance company' to deploy employees for this purpose and I am quite capable of spreading the information far and wide thanks to the WWW. You might of heard of it and Al Gore claims to have invented it. Every rally of concerned citizens that I have attended has a different flavor and home made signs; nothing that would indicate the work of a professional, as you alluded to Jenny:

Unlike sponsored mobs with uniform, professionally printed signs - all of whom voted for your messiah..err..boss Barack Obama. (Please note the spelling - it must have been embarrassing for you when your own colleagues misspelled his name during a recent trip to Russia)

This same group mobbed a woman, ripped the U.S. Flag out of her hands and tore it to pieces in front of her - you can read about it here, It is important to keep things in context, right, Jenny? Oh, you should know that 'swiftboat' is a term meaning to reveal the truth about a politician running for office. I can see why that word makes you so very uncomfortable.

I'm not the only one who can see the grass root effort behind the Tea Party and Health Care rallies, my good friend Raoul has a keen insight into this issue:

2. People are scared because they are being fed frightening lies. These crowds are being riled up by anti-reform lies being spread by industry front groups that invent smears to tarnish the President's plan and scare voters. But as the President has repeatedly said, health insurance reform will create more health care choices for the American people, not reduce them. If you like your insurance or your doctor, you can keep them, and there is no "government takeover" in any part of any plan supported by the President or Congress.
Fed frightening lies from their elected representatives about healthcare is truly terrifying, as this is all about trust, right Jenny? If this is not a government takeover, then why is the government involved at all? Why does this healthcare scheme require a healthcare commissioner that is selected through advice and consent of the Senate? Why will citizens be fined by this government if they are deemed to have inadequate health coverage? Why are businesses, large and small, being levied fines by this government for not offering the government option to their employees? True healthcare reform will begin when there is less government regulation and more free market choices for healthcare consumers. You say there is no government takeover, yet the bill says otherwise, as pointed out by citizens in townhall meetings across the nation. Is it fair to say Point #2 is misleading to the point of lying?

    3. Their actions are getting more extreme. Texas protesters brought signs displaying a tombstone for Rep. Lloyd Doggett and using the "SS" symbol to compare President Obama's policies to Nazism. Maryland Rep. Frank Kratovil was hanged in effigy outside his district office. Rep. Tim Bishop of New York had to be escorted to his car by police after an angry few disrupted his town hall meeting -- and more examples like this come in every day. And they have gone beyond just trying to derail the President's health insurance reform plans, they are trying to "break" the President himself and ruin his Presidency.
Nazism is a good association to Obama's policy: German Workers Party Demand 21 states: "The State has the duty to help raise the standard of national health by providing maternity welfare centers, by prohibiting juvenile labor, by increasing physical fitness through the introduction of compulsory games and gymnastics, and by the greatest possible encouragement of associations concerned with the physical education of the young." Is this administration a modern day incarnations of the Germany Workers Party? I'd say no, but they certainly borrow a lot of policies from them.

A rep hanged in effigy? Say it ain't so! That would never occur with a Democrat supporter, right, Jenny?

Is this where you the Nazi reference, Jenny? Democrats and their supporters wouldn't ever make the connection between Bush and hitler, right Jenny?

What is extreme are the numerous baseless and nameless allegations being thrown about in this email. We don't want to scare people with untrue statements, that is what the Republicans do, right, Jenny?

    4. Their goal is to disrupt and shut down legitimate conversation. Protesters have routinely shouted down representatives trying to engage in constructive dialogue with voters, and done everything they can to intimidate and silence regular people who just want more information. One attack group has even published a manual instructing protesters to "stand up and shout" and try to "rattle" lawmakers to prevent them from talking peacefully with their constituents.

    Another unnamed 'attack group' - if you have the information that will shed light on this group, why not share it with concerned citizens? These non specific allegations are beginning to sound more like rumor mongering that the truth, Jenny.
    By 'rattle' you mean something like this, Jenny?

    5. Republican leadership is irresponsibly cheering on the thuggish crowds. Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner issued a statement applauding and promoting a video of the disruptions and looking forward to "a long, hot August for Democrats in Congress."

If the Democrats can't stand the heat, I'd tell them to get out of the frying pan. It is apparent by this email that the Dems have no answers to our healthcare concerns and are more interested in obfuscations and demonization of average citizens who present tough questions to their elected officials. Consider this for a moment, if this plan is so good and rock solid, why is the White House encouraging Americans to snitch on family, friends, coworkers or even strangers regarding any "fishy" opinion on health care reform?
It's time to expose this charade, before it gets more dangerous. Please send these facts to everyone you know. You can also post them on your website, blog, or Facebook page.
Yes, please post this blog on your website, blog, or FaceBook page - don't forget Digg and Twitter as Jenny did!

Now, more than ever, we need to stand strong together and defend the truth.
Yep, this is what I'm all about, Jenny. Thanks for playing!

Jen O'Malley Dillon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

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