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West Chester Rallypalooza!

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What a celebration of America was witnessed in West Chester, Pa. I have to give thanks to Carl from Delco Cruisers and Slim from Confederation of Motorcycles for arranging an impressive display of over 300 motorcycles and 25 classic cars. It was breathtaking - thank you so much for all you do!

Rich Davis organized a picture perfect rally and after party. As I told Mary Lou, I always feel a thousand times happier attending a rally, this one went far and above any expectation. Kudos to Rich for making this day happen.

I wasn't the only one feeling the love, a pedestrian walking past me observed out loud that he prefers our side of the street. I couldn't agree more!

The rally attracted all kinds of attention, from near constant honks from passing motorists to a mysterious Moped motorist. Mr. Moped revisited our corner twice, with video camera in hand, and was greeted with cheers both times. We are just cool like that.

The sight of men in denim and leather caused bouts of abject terror with the left side of the street. The smallest of their bunch tried to instigate a fight, but Rich Davis wisely intervened and saved this person from an embarrassing situation.

You can view more photos from the day on Flickr

Daily Local's own gadfly about town actually showed up early for this rally, you can read his report HERE

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