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Linky Love Monday

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Quite a few links on tap tonight:

Tea Party Roundup - several exceptional bloggers have taken time to gather links of Tea Party events that occurred over the July 4th weekend.

Tea Party photo from Raleigh, NC

Take time to peruse these posts and don't forget to twitter the links I've provided and favorite the YouTube videos posted on these blogs. Do your part to spread liberty throughout this land.

This Ain't Hell
American Power

Other events happening this weekend: My good buddy TSO from This Ain't Hell and Uncle J from Blackfive squared off in competition to find who is the better USO Girl - and it was captured on film - God Bless YouTube:

Want the latest developments in Honduras? Fausta and This Ain't Hell have the story covered.

Fausta, one of the most fashionable bloggers I know, discovered Britain's MI6 chief is married to the stupidest woman on earth. Wonder if she is related to Hillary?

It was a busy weekend, and I was remiss on posting my 'Sunday With Ferris' post so here it is a day late but just as good!

Home-front Help
Parents gave up their jobs to be near their son, who was badly wounded in Iraq. Now, they could use a little assistance.

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