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Done Its Job?

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Has the Democrat "Stimulus" done its job? President Obama thinks so. House Republicans offered Real Solutions for a Real Recovery.

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to ask Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz (D-Pa) to name ONE 'shovel ready' project in Philadelphia County during a telephone conference. She could not name any, but assured me that there were 'hundreds' scheduled. Scrambling for an example, she pointed out that our SEPTA stations will be spruced up thanks to the spending bill. The problem with that is SEPTA already budgets for maintenance of the stations.

Trillions spent and the Dems are considering a second spending bill:

In a television interview Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden left the door open for a “second stimulus” that some economists think could be necessary, and a couple of polls on Monday suggested why that could be a heavy lift: Voters say they’re very concerned about the deficit and dislike the idea of more spending.
In a survey presented to the Aspen Institute last week, pollster Doug Schoen found that, by 56 percent to 37 percent, the public is opposed to the notion that government “should spend money to stimulate the national economy, even if it means increasing the budget deficit.”

It is okay, our financial future is in the hands of people who have trouble spelling Obama's first name:

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