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Blogging Update

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It seems I've been a bit quiet on the blog as of late. This week has presented me with several challenges at one time.

I started off the week with a family member being hospitalized, repainting my master bedroom and commencing training for a charity 5K race - 1st Annual Lemon Run which benefits Alex's Lemonade Stand. This left precious little time for bloggery.

Whew! I'm getting tired typing all of this! Blogging will continue to be light until next week, in the meantime I want to share a few nuggets with you:

Conservative bloggers are dominating the Healthcare debate online according to Politicosphere.net:

If blogs are critical in the current battle for public opinon, then there may be real cause for concern: according to our sample of almost 2500 political sites and blogs, conservatives are winning hands down, with almost twice as many posts as the progressive side (4642 posts vs. 2785 in the past 15 days).

A fresh edition of Senate Doctors Debunking Obamacare. Again, where are the Dem physician-politicians support of this healthcare scheme?

Warriors Watch and A Hero's Welcome were profiled by Kathy Gandolfo for 6ABC:

I am proud to have worked with both organizations. It is interesting to note that those on the left who claim support for our troops by bringing them home are NEVER present to welcome soldier home.

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