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Sheepdogs Remember Neda

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Donning green wristbands, the Sheepdogs stand in solidarity with the people of Iran.

The former prime minister of Spain, Jose Maria Anzar, reflects on the silence of Western nations in the wake of brutal crackdown in Iran:

The recent elections in Lebanon are a clear example. The progressive normalization of Iraq is another. It would be a shame, particularly in the face of such regional progress, if our passivity gave carte blanche to a tyrannical regime to finish off the dissidents and persist with its revolutionary plans.

Delayed public displays of indignation may be good for internal political consumption. But the consequences of Western inaction have already materialized. Watching videos of innocent Iranians being brutalized, it's hard to defend silence.

Check out the green wrist bands on the group shot!

As always, our thoughts are with the men and women of the West Chester Stryker Brigade:

Because they lie - the other side - all six of them:

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