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Operation Baghdad Pups

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Buster is happy dog!

He was rescued from certain death on a busy highway in Philadelphia and adopted into a loving family.

There is a joy in bringing a rescue into your home - knowing you have made a positive impact in the life of a dog. It can be a challenge as well, trying to decipher all his quirks and mannerisms. I still don't know why Buster insists on putting his paw on my foot when I'm sitting down. Still, his previous owner's carelessness have been my gift - I couldn't image him not being part of the family.

Another reason for Buster to smile - other dogs in peril are being rescued and brought to loving forever homes in the US.

Operation Baghdad Pups

The organization began with a desperate email in 2007 from a soldier hoping for assistance in rescuing a dog that had bonded with US soldiers. Working with SPCA International, Operation Baghdad Pups coordinates the rescues of dogs and cats befriended by US troops. It is a daunting, expensive task but priceless for the lives it saves. SPCA International can use your support - donate HERE. This Ain't Hell (TAH) details the rescue of Maj Hutchinson dog thanks to Operation Baghdad Pups. The guys over at TAH prove that underneath the tough exterior, they are sensitive, pro dog people.

Buster got the best gift of all this past Christmas - a forever home.

He is such a ham! He settled in quickly to his new home.

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