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Move over Tiller - The Left has a new Hero

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A brilliant post on Sister Toldjah summarized the left wing credentials of James W. von Brunn:

Let’s forget for a second that, in addition to being a “Birther” von Brunn is also a … drumroll … Truther (via Capt. Ed), a conspiracy group right wingers strongly condemn. He hated “neo-cons,” too (via MM), another group that left wingers despise. Not only that, but, yes, Von Brunn is also a Holocaust denier, and last I checked, the left has more of a problem with Jew haters than the right does. He also wasn’t particularly fond of Christians, another issue that lends itself to being more “left wing” than “right wing.”

But - please - let’s not let the facts get in the way of a full-scale red meat rant againt the “Reich wing,” ok? Let’s just ignore the fact that this guy was an anti-Semite of the worst kind - those who use violence to “get their point across.” Let’s also ignore the fact that this guy is a Holocaust denier much like Iran’s president is - you know, the Islamofascist thug who our President pledged during the campaign to meet without any pre-conditions?

Wow, with these credentials, I'm sure there will be website with photos of supporters holding signs saying "I am James W. von Brunn".

Gateway Pundit finds more information on the Left's newest superstar:
So far, this is what we know about James von Brunn, via icwhatudo at Free Republic:

Registered Democrat (needs confirmation)
Christian hater
Jew Hater
FOX News’ O'Reilly hater
Weekly Standard hater
Bush hater
Neo-con hater
9-11 was an inside job nut
Stated that “SOCIALISM, represents the future of the West”
Stated that the Apostle Paul destroyed Rome by undermining its pagan virility.
Hated corporations
Ben Johnson in his latest piece carefully illustrates the close allegiance to the liberal Democrat party - Holocaust Museum Shooter - Christian Hating Socialist.

Donald Douglas at American Power has penned a sobering SATIRE - A Neoconservative Hatecrime Prevention Act.

Welcome to the Age of Obama.

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