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Letterman's Baby Mama

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No, I'm not talking about his ugly girlfriend/wife or their weird kid.

Ace takes on the Letterman and his vicious attack on Sarah Palin and her 13 year old daughter, Willow.

I would note that Letterman, who is 94 years young, "knocked up" his long-term live-in girlfriend accidentally. And that he did not marry his babymama for six years or so since his kid -- technically a bastard during this period -- was born.
I don't really get it. Why is a 17 year old girl to be ridiculed for the same carelessness the 122 year old decrepit fossil David Letterman exhibited?
BTW, I really doubt that was the only time Letterman knocked someone up. I'm guessing this is the first time the woman in question refused an abortion.
He's not just a has-been. He's been a has-been for years. He's actually jumped the shark at being a has-been.
Maybe he just is looking to dump his current babymama for a younger model?

President Palin responds brilliantly to the tactless attack:

Conservatives4Palin has the scoop!

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