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Godspeed Private William Long

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Kleenex alert!

Daris Long, father of the solider slain by a domestic terrorist reflects on the loss of his son:

Fox News reports that this muslim domestic terrorist had researched other areas of interest:

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security sent out an "e-mail alert" Tuesday night to local and state law enforcement, according to the official. The source said they did not issue an "intelligence assessment" about the 23-year-old accused shooter, Abdulhakim Muhammad, as has been reported.

"Although the June 1 shooting was limited to Little Rock ... [we] notified specific cities, and out of an abundance of caution, issued the alert because additional subjects, targets or the potential for inspired copycats could not be ruled out," the official told FOX. "This remains an open and ongoing FBI investigation."

Meanwhile, the commander in chief of this slain soldier has already forgotten his name in favor of protecting the memory of this generation's Mengele

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