7:39 PM

Farewell Kodachrome

Posted by Skye |

A half century of memories captured by Kodachrome film is coming to a quiet end. Eastman Kodak announced today its plans to cease production of Kodak color film - Kodachrome - estimating current retail supplies will last till autumn. Kodak confirmed its intention to stay in the film business and noted that Kodachrome sales accounted for only 1% of the company's total sales.

One of the last produced rolls of Kodachrome will be given to photographer Steve McCurry, who promises to make every shot count. I hope so, as it will be the end of an era in photography.

I let go of film February 2007 in favor of Canon dSLRs. Just recently, I dusted off the 2000 Canon Rebel EOS and loaded up a roll of film for a photo shoot at Laurel Hill Cemetery. Being away from film brought a better appreciation for the medium. As much as I embrace digital camera technology, film is where I began my photographic journey and I will never be stray too far from that medium.

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