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Sunday with Ferris

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Holy Cowburgers, Batman!

Harrisburg seems poised to make state government more accountable and transparent.

Yes, that's right. Harrisburg. Accountable. Transparent. All in one sentence.

Just like the Governor of Alaska put the State's checkbook online, a freshman State Representative, Jim Christiana-R, is proposing the same for Pennsylvania.

State Rep. Jim Christiana was seeking cosponsors for a similar measure in the House last week. (He had 83, including six Democrats, as of Wednesday.) Chuck Ardo, spokesman for Gov. Rendell, said: "It sounds like the right thing to do."
Sounds like? The money managed by the State Government is owned by the taxpayers in Pennsylvania. Since it is our money given in trust to Pennsylvania, we are entitled to know how the state government is handling our property. The buck stops here!

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