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History is Re-Written

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Via Caleb Howe @ RedState:

Caleb investigates the mysterious anti-American campaign ads featuring History Channel logos posted on the CLIO advertising awards website. The campaign is entitled "History is Written by the Winner" and feature the following photos:

If peace is priceless, why are those on the left obsessively counting its cost? We are just starting out in the Age of Obama, this will not be the last assault on America or our recent history.

Screen capture of the CLIO website with the ads posted - in case the ads mysteriously disappear:

Caleb nails the crux of the issue with these thoughts:

But the greatest blame lies with a media and popular culture in which such blatantly anti-American vitriol has become so commonplace. Who can doubt that Kos and his breed of left-winger would cheer these ads? No doubt there’d be an increased market share for the History Channel in those corners … just look at MSNBC. It is a culture which actively and openly says “yes we can” to propaganda and manipulation. The uncritical eye of the left is swift to embrace any imagery or information which says America is bad, a point touched on by former Vice-President Cheney in his speech this morning.

The “this is why they hate us” crowd are a dangerous bunch. Because, unsatisfied with suggesting to you here at home that our enemies abroad have reason to hate us, they go out into the world, out among our enemies, and they say it to them as well.” You are right to hate us, look at what we have done!”

It’s not mere indictment but incitement of the worst kind. And this time, someone should be made to answer for it.

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