Hugh Hewitt summarizes the first 110 days of the Obama Administration at an event sponsored by WNTP and hosted at the Union League of Philadelphia:

Bill Bennet has sage words about the consequences of our vote in 2008:

I was struck by the passionate speech by Michael Medved - he has a keen intellect and gift for communicating his ideas. I'll admit to a touch of jealousy of his talent.

The most salient point of the conversation focused on the idea of a new 'Reagan' arising to lead the party back to its roots. Bill Bennet remarked that even Reagan didn't know he was 'Reagan'. It took decades for him to hit his stride. Reagan was a complex mn and effective leader at a crucial time in our history. We have to stop looking for 'Reagan' and start cultivating our grassroots to promote leaders for tomorrow.

This is a good time to be a conservative - that was the take home message from the event. Oh, and not to forget, the free copy of Human Events magazine to take home as well.

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