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Coffee Talk with Dan McElhatton

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Friday night Coffee Klatch with Dan McElhatton. Philly residents know him as a leading candidate for Philly's District Attorney seat. He took time from his busy schedule visit my house and chat with guests about the issues facing this city. I want to thank Dan for making the case of why the city would benefit with him as Philly's DA.

Coffee served was a Costa Rica medium and the desserts by Flying Monkey and Termini Bros. Delicious! I want to thank all my guests for attending this coffee talk and for all of your insightful questions for Dan.

UPDATE: A Tangled Web contributor posted on this talk

A lively debate ensued between Dan and Patrick over topics such as gun control and crime in Philadelphia. The video does a good job of highlighting the common sense approach embraced by Dan on these issues.

Little Ava following in the footsteps of her beautiful and talented Auntie:

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