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Abortion Doctor Shot!

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A physician who performed late term abortion was murdered at his church today in Wichita, KS. Before the blood dried on the floor of the church, the left-O-sphere pundits were handing sentences of guilt to the Christian right. Left wing gasbags and men are already politicizing the murder of Dr. Tiller to promote the leftist agenda of censoring those that have different ideas.

The murderer of Tiller will face justice, I remind my readers that we are a nation bound by the rule of law. To use this cold blooded murder to pursue destructive political points is sickening, but not unexpected by the left.

American Power has the compilation of reactions from Anti Christian blogs:

Unbelievable! Leftists really do believe in "therapeutic" abortions! Here's Amanda "FUCK YOU" Marcotte [speaking of gasbags]: "Odds are pretty strong the murderer is a forced childbirth terrorist, out to kill the doctor who focused his practice on providing therapeutic abortions to women later in their pregnancy than most abortion providers can or will service."

Jonn Lilyea lays out some measured reality regarding the abortion debate:

See, I don’t wade into the abortion discussion often because of the irrational conversations that it spawns. Abortion is wrong, and you know what - everyone on the planet knows it’s wrong, regardless of their religious beliefs or the lack thereof. That’s why the pro-abortion side gets so irrational - they know there’s no real defense for killing unborn babies. But I also oppose the death penalty - I don’t believe in government sponsored killing and abortion has become government-sponsored killing.

Gateway Pundit has been providing detailed and balanced updates

Pro Life Blogger Becky Brindle posted the reactions from Pro Life organizations.

Stacy McCain has been keeping up with the news and out reporting USA Today.

Marathon Pundit reports on the O'Reilly factor in this story.

Sundries Shack looks further into the unhinged reaction by the left:

You will see some of those consequences almost immediately. I would be very surprised to find any pro-life group cheering Tiller’s death with the expected and rather boring example of Randall Terry. In fact, I expect the condemnations of the killer to be unequivocal. However, that won’t stop the pro-abortion left from tying every pro-life person in America to Tiller’s murder whether they find evidence of approval or not.

As a matter of fact, they won’t even bother to look. They’ll just ignore the condemnations from among the pro-lifers and let the ignorant, poisonous bile fly. Their reactions are dishonest, unfair, and purposefully ignorant. But that’s who they are. I feel very sorry indeed for the lives that will be damaged by the actions of this one person.

This is a tragedy all the way around.

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