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Swine Flu Symptoms

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As of this morning there are 91 confirmed cases and 1 death from the Swine Flu.

UPDATE: WHO has raised Pandemic Alert to Level 5

I've tried to keep politics out of this information, but I have to comment on Biden. His statements regarding the swine flu are dangerously negligent, inflaming fear instead of reason regarding the swine flu. I strongly suggest the public ignore the medical advice from Biden and heed the advice of the CDC.

In this video, Dr. Joe Bresee with the CDC Influenza Division describes swine flu - its signs and symptoms, how it's transmitted, medicines to treat it, steps people can take to protect themselves from it, and what people should do if they become ill

This podcast, intended for the general public, demonstrates how to put on and take off disposable respirators that are to be used in areas affected by the influenza outbreak.

You can find more evidence based videos regarding the Swine Flu and other health topics at the CDCStreamingHealth YouTube Channel.

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