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Pelosi Lied, Terrorists Died

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In 2007 Real Clear Politics published an article detailing the uproar in congress over destroyed 'terror tapes'. In the article, Porter Goss places Madame Pelosi along with the top members of the intelligence committees at a 'virtual tour' of CIA interrogation facilities in 2002:

Their article described some of the background to last week's congressional uproar over the CIA's destruction of so-called "terror tapes" that had been made during harsh interrogations of captured al-Qaeda terrorists. It turned out that back in September 2002, four top members of the intelligence committees -- including Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who is now House speaker -- had been given a "virtual tour" of CIA interrogation facilities overseas. They heard descriptions of some of the harsh techniques that would be used, including the now-infamous practice known as waterboarding.

"Among those being briefed, there was a pretty full understanding of what the CIA was doing. And the reaction in the room was not just approval, but encouragement," former Rep. Porter Goss told the Post reporters. He attended the 2002 briefing, along with Pelosi, as chairman of the House intelligence committee. He later served from 2004 to 2006 as CIA director.
Shocker! Madame Speaker knew and condoned the use of expanded interrogation techniques? Say it ain't so, Joe!

Nancy held her silence regarding these claims over the years. Most recently, Madame Speaker put her world class oral skills to use in rebuffing a GOP charge that she had knowledge of EITs (Expanded Interrogation Techniques):

This subterfuge and wordsmithing might have continued ad nauseam. There might be hope for us yet, a recently declassified CIA document sheds light on the Madam and her twisted tale. A brief look at page 23 of the OIG document (Counter Terrorism and Interrogation Activities Sept 2001 to October 2003) clearly states the leadership of the Intelligence Oversight Committees were informed of the use of standard techniques and EITs:

The DCI briefed appropriate senior national security and legal officials on the proposed EITs. In the fall of 2002, the Agency briefed the leadership of the Congressional Intelligence Oversight Committees on the use of both standard techniques and EITs.

Should I start the process of reserving a front row seat for The Madame Speaker's indictment?

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