8:26 PM

O'Reilly Indicts Acorn on The Factor

Posted by Skye |

Marathon Pundit and myself just viewed The Factor segment. Dick Morris blows the lid off the easy relationship between the media and the Clinton administration. Can you believe Clinton's staffers would poll the interview questions submitted by media before presenting them to Clinton! The Hay Adams bar seemed to be the place to drop off questions for approval in the Clinton administration, since the new administration is a hybrid between the Bush and Clinton administrations, are they continuing this tradition at the Hay Adam's bar?

The illegal collusion between Acorn and the Obama campaign is chilling, but most likely will not lead to an impeachment of the President. The question now becomes what staffer will become the fall guy/girl for this illegal activity? I'm sure they'll have lemmings lining up for this 'honor'.

The O'Reilly factor - Number 1 for 100 months! BOOM!

Mata Harley details the NY Times spiked ACORN story over at Flopping Aces

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