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20th Annual Civil War Reenactment

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I had the pleasure of attending a civil war reenactment at the exquisite Neshaminy State Park. Over 1000 participants brought to life one of the most crucial periods of American history. The event not only highlighted the life of the officers and soldiers of the Union and CSA, it included many aspects of life mid 19th century. I was struck by how much was done with so little, whether it dealt with medicine or navigation. When was the last time you figured your location using a sextant and an artificial horizon? It is good that people remember history in such detail, lest we be doomed to repeat it.

Speaking of technology, I put modern technology to good use and captured scenes from the reenactment. The first video showcases a Union band playing a piece written during the Revolutionary War. I did not catch the name of the tune.

Someone we all should know - Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, the only female recipient of the Medal of Honor:

My Flickr photostream can be viewed HERE. The magnificent Neocon's photos can be viewed HERE

Just one more video of the day - snippets of the battle reenactment, including me as war correspondent!

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