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West Chester Celebration 03/14/2009

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A lovely early spring day in West Chester, Pa. The Sheepdogs gathered for our weekly celebration of America and her finest citizens - our Troops. We enjoyed the numerous honks of support by the passing motorists and the easy camaraderie we share amongst ourselves. Every main street in the USA should boast a Sheepdog rally. The nation needs a reassuring presence in this age of disillusion and economic uncertainty.

A member of the Greatest Generation salutes the heroes of this generation.

Since when is love a radical thing? I suspect those that label the Sheepdog rally as 'radical' have no love in their heart! If you have love in your heart for this country, come join us every Saturday at the corner of High and Market Sts in West Chester, Pa. We rally to celebrate America starting at 10:45 till noon.

Wisdom from the creativity of a child. Yes, it is that simple to love your Country. If only the peace protesters could find such enlightenment the world would truly become a peaceful place.

My sources tell me that The Daily Local's man about town, Dan Kristie, stopped by today in order to gather information for an upcoming article on the Rally. I find it most peculiar that he spent a majority of the hour speaking with the peace protesters and barely spoke to the Sheepdogs.

The CCPM gathered around Dan like rats to a moldy piece of cheese. Perhaps they were regaling him with their leader's description of the Sheepdogs:

Picture the Civil Rights Movement - picture dogs on chains and waterhoses on African Americans.

* Picture jack-booted guards in Nazi concentration camps.
* Picture jack-booted guards in the Soviet Gulag.

The word, "jack-booted" has been in my mind ever since these people first appeared. It means this: Cruelly and violently oppressive: "a revival of the aggressive, jack-booted militarism of the Thirties and Forties".

Violent, you say? Prophetic words from the leader of CCPM, as a few months after this newsletter was distributed, a member of VFP/CCPM struck a woman twice during the rally:

I wonder who was the first to email Dan the above video? I'm sure this crack journalist would want all the facts before crafting his article. He wouldn't want to be caught making baseless statements. The video below captures the one peaceful woman of the CCPM remarking on the current director's description of the Sheepdogs:

Dan had a long conversation with this small man (whose name escapes me) after speaking with the peace protesters.

Perhaps that small man was telling Dan to check out this Sheepdog video:

Any Questions? Just ask me.

Dan's Commentary:

Seriously? I talked to Rich Davis for almost 10 minutes. Then I chatted with Chris Collopy for a while. Then Mike Kempsky and I had an interesting conversation about how political parties pick their issues. Afterwards, I went to the other side of the street and gave the Peace Movement people the same attention I gave you guys. But I'm glad you get a kick out of playing paparazzi. BTW, the article on the rallies will be out on Wednesday or Thursday. I got sidetracked by the latest Coatesville arson and the murder in East Goshen. Dan Kristie | 03.16.09 - 11:27 pm | #

Skye Responds:

Dan, thanks for taking the time to express your thoughts on Saturday's rally and notifying the Sheepdogs who read this blog when to look for your article. I've been following the stories you mentioned for some time and look forward to reading your slant on them.

However, based on your petulant comment above, the behavior I witnessed and documented on Saturday, and on your recent articles; any sensible person would develop deep reservations about your ability to compose an objective and balanced report on this subject.

I'm glad to read that you spoke to three out of the 35 Sheepdogs present on Saturday. Can you estimate how long the CCPM participants surrounded you in my photo? Your own words and my photos point to cursory attention given to the Sheepdogs.

You can quibble over minutes, my larger concern is your lack of due diligence in the basic research every seasoned journalist will do before penning an article. 15 minutes speaking with three Sheepdogs, an extensive amount of time fawned over by the CCPM and a whining comment on MidnightBlue does not speak highly of sloppy investigative skills. Quite frankly, your comment on this blog tells readers that you are more interested in your photo on a blog than the valuable information that is included in the blog post. This blog contains documentation covering nearly the entire history of this rally, yet you choose to clumsily attack the owner in your comment. This leads one to question whether there is a deliberate intention to mislead readers regarding this rally.

I look forward to reading your article on the rally, although I set the bar low on accuracy, objectivity and balance.

Daily Local Article:

I struck a nerve.
Note: Comments are moderated on Dan's blog


Speaking of blogs, I discovered on Monday night that a Victory Movement
blogger named Skye had been following me around on Saturday with a camera. Click here to check out some hot, paparazzi style photos of yours truly
Skye Responds:


Thanks for linking MidnightBlue.

If you had bothered to do some basic research on the rally, you would have known about the separation agreement between both groups. Following you around would have been a violation of that agreement. Some of us do pay attention to detail.

As for the photos taken from the Sheepdog corner, I had to work some serious PSP 11 magic on your photos.

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