Future National Service Volunteers:

Michelle Malkin and Glen Beck dissect this volunteer debacle that comes with a 6 BILLION dollar price tag. That is in addition to the 7.3 Trillion tax payer tab:

The day after the Senate swallowed this debacle of a spending bill. One which our own Senator Spector was only too happy to sign on to, I came across the true value of volunteerism right in my own neighborhood:

Early Saturday morning, while taking Buster for his daily walk, I came across a large group of teens removing trash that littered a small park across from my house. I live and work in Philadelphia, a gritty, blue collar city which is a far cry from William Penn's delightful description of a "Greene Country Towne". Philly's urban jungle makes me more appreciative of the natural oasis that can be seen from my front porch.

Of late, there has been an increasing amount of trash being thrown into the park. Several concerned residents contacted the Fairmount Park Commission to see what could be done to clean out the trash. A volunteer coordinator for Fairmount Park was notified and she organized a clean-up, with the expectation of only a few volunteers showing up to help. She was pleasantly surprised to see a group of at least 30 students arrive to lend their time to clean our small park. The neighborhood was appreciative of their efforts, several people came out to thank the volunteers for their work and one neighbor ordered pizza for the hungry teens.

6 BILLION dollars did not bring about this act of environmental improvement to occur. The volunteer mechanisms are in place in Philly and across the nation, all that is needed is an informed and engaged citizenry. That is what enabled this clean up to happen, not 6 billion dollars. We have allowed our government to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a redundant system that is not adding any value to what is currently in place.

I guarantee my little park would still be a mess if the residents on my street decided to simply sit back and wait for the 6 Billion to trickle down to our little oasis.

Happy volunteers, with no uniform or oath to memorize, as is required in this new Children of the Corn bill:

My oasis in a blanket of snow this past January:

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