9:11 PM

BSG: Islanded in a Stream of Stars

Posted by Skye |

Still waiting for the full episode of "Someone to Watch Over Me" to be posted on Sci Fi Rewind. Missed the episode were Kara still is befuddled by her identity and Hera draws star maps based on Bob Dylan songs.

This week's episode "Islanded In A Stream of Stars". Yes, that is the correct spelling of the title.

The synopsis....Galactica is a crack away from an irreparable hull breach. Laura Roslin is still dying and Kara still has no idea who she is. Typical day in the life of the rag tag fleet.

Check out Jamie Bamber's new PETA ad. Yowza! Not sure if this is the same organization as PETA (People Enjoying Tasty Animals).

I'll be in my bunk....If I had a bunk.

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