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BSG 4.5: Daybreak Part 2

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Well done, Ron Moore and Cast, Well Done.

The series is complete, the roller coaster ride has finally come to a complete stop. It was a great run with an almost perfect ending.

So Say We All.

Interesting to note is that my mitochondrial genetic markers place my ancestors leaving East Africa 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. In case you are wondering, my mitochondrial genetic code places me in the H haplotype group.

Am I part Cylon??

I've been reviewing the reactions of my favorite BSG fan sites today and gathered an overall opinion that the series finale was satisfying, except for the lazy ending Ron Moore wrote for Starbuck. I quite agree, as she was the most complex and compelling character on the show. The character was given no consideration at the end, she just dissapeared from the story line. Right after the show ended, I had to run to my movie collection to pull out an old title that reminded me of what Starbuck was to the Adama family - a guardian angel. The movie is called Fiorille, which won the Palm D'Or in 1993. For Alias fans, it is an early starring role for Michael Vartan, who plays Jean, the starcrossed and doomed French soldier. The spirit of this soldier haunts the decendants of the family that had him murdered, silently appearing when they are in most need of guidance. Just like Kara, although she is definitely not the silent type.

I am hoping that Starbuck as 'guardian angel' is the angle Ron Moore was going after with this finale.

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