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Witness To History - Iraq Elections

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Not reported on O'CNN.

reports on the recent elections in Iraq. This is a must read, folks.
ToThePoint News contributor observed on this election:

I don't suppose this will get much coverage in the States as the news is so good. No, the news is unbelievable.

Something didn't happen in Al Anbar Province, Iraq today, Saturday January 31.

Once the most violent and most dangerous places on earth, no suicide vest bomber detonated killing dozens of voters.

No suicide truck bomber drove into a polling place collapsing the building and killing and injuring over 100.

No Marine was in a firefight engaging an Al Qaeda terrorist trying to disrupt democracy.

What did happen was Anbar Sunnis came out in their tens of thousands to vote in the first free election of their lives.
I'll make the observation that the world's oldest civilization has taken a giant step in securing itself as the world's youngest democracy.

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