Caleb Howe reports on the latest "Change" ushered in by the new administration and by voters like you:

Dissent is the highest form of ... Secret Service bait? In Oklahoma City, police pulled over Chip Harrison because of an anti-Obama sign in his car window. The sign read: "Abort Obama, not the unborn."
The man's sign was confiscated by the police and his house searched by Secret Service agents. Never has there been a report of such governmental thuggery regarding free speech during the Bush Administration.

Somehow, I don't believe the following characters worried too much about police confiscating their signs or home searches by the Secret Service during the Bush Administration:

They fearlessly displayed their obscene sign on a frigid day in March of 2007, no concern of lurking Men In Black:

The hate doesn't end with Bush, but continues on with attacks against conservative women. Obama's America is quickly becoming an ugly place for women. No cartoonist or Philly residents were harmed by the police or secret service during the display of their work:

Woman-beaters in Philly - what a great marketing tool for the City...

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