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Sunday with Ferris

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Back Channels is Back!! I was told by my sources that the Tabacon Hot Springs had a recuperative affect on the author. He is back with a gift for his readers: Rules For Radicals:

"In the stimulus debate, the GOP out-organized the onetime community organizer.

Sure, this was a flawed bill, with a priority not on stimulus, but on richly rewarding special interests loyal to Democrats. Republicans got that. More important, so did the public.

Still, the Republicans were outnumbered in Congress and supposedly out-messaged by the Great Communicator in the White House. It didn't matter. They did a better job of organizing their community and communicating.

The standards for organizing were set by Saul D. Alinsky, who began his work in the slums near Chicago's stockyards in 1939. Alinsky's Industrial Areas Foundation was the granddaddy of many subsequent groups, such as ACORN and the Developing Community Project, which hired a young Barack Obama in the 1980s."

Without consulting Alinsky's guide, yet employing similar principles, a pro victory organization in West Chester (Chester County Victory Movement) successfully turned the tide of public opinion and support on an insidious anti-war, anti-peace group (Chester County Peace Movement). With this remarkable success in West Chester, can we now rename the primer "Rules for Conservatives"?

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