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Photo Friday - Pets

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This week's challenge: Pets

Each week Photo Friday posts a photo assignment. Your mission is the creative interpretation of the week's theme. When you're done, post the picture you took to your website and submit your link to Photo Friday.

Photo Friday is about challenging our participants to be original and creative within the constraints of the week's theme. It's not a competition. Anyone with a camera and a place on the internet to post pictures can participate.

Stump can keep his crown, I've got the cutest dogs on the planet.

Buster McCain, joined the household on October 23, 2008, when he was rescued from sheer boredom or near death - take your pick. A routine vet visit for my pampered Pomeranian, turned into Buster's ticket home. He was found chasing cars on a busy highway, a good Samaritan rescued the wayward dog and deposited him at my veterinarian's office. He spent two weeks being spoiled by the best vet staff in Philly prior to my adoption of this big goofball.

He is impeccably trained, and well socialized. Who ever owned him spent time and money on his care and training. I'd like to believe he was lost, the staff think he was abandoned.

Tiny the Pom has certainly informed Buster she is top dog in the house. So far, so good in their inter-doggie relationship.

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