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Failure to Launch

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This Ain't Hell
nails it:

The truth is this: The markets’ biggest decline came STARTING on the day Obama was elected because investors (that’s you and I, by the way) have no confidence that Democrats are committed to helping the economy. Their “stimulus” is is actually just buying patronage and votes. They’re doing absolutely nothing for the economy and the country realizes it - no matter how much camouflage the media throws up for him.

Oliver North
weighs in on the vapid American foreign policy of the new administration:

Let’s hope that none of the “over-promising” domestically or damaging diplomacy overseas is on an irreversible downward trajectory. In an increasingly unstable and dangerous world, the much-hyped “new way” of dealing with friends and adversaries has, thus far, failed to launch.
It is going to take a woman to clean up the mess from this administration in 2012.

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