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West Chester Rally 2009

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A new year brings new hope (not that hopey-changey crap Obama blathered on about). The Sheepdogs welcomed the new year with smiles and good cheer. While Rich is recovering from his accident, the Sheepdogs came out today to show their love and respect for Rich. We had close to 45 people today, with two honorary Sheepdogs traveling from Maryland and Massachusetts to stand with us.

There is nothing better than a Sheepdog rally to raise your spirits!

Every wonder why the left hates the US troops? Check out my Flopping Aces buddy Wordsmith and his brilliant photo essay on this

This is required reading for all Sheepdogs and MidnightBlue readers and lurkers (that means you, Dee). Yes, there will be a quiz.

One last photo that captures the delusion of the left:

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