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Office of Open Records Pennsylvania

Posted by Skye |

Pennsylvania has officially opened the Office of Open Records.

What is this? This stems from the Right-To-Know-Law signed into being on February 14, 2008, which states:

Providing for access to public information, for a designated open-records officer in each Commonwealth agency, local agency, judicial agency and legislative agency, for procedure, for appeal of agency determination, for judicial review and for the Office of Open Records; imposing penalties; providing for reporting by State-related institutions; requiring the posting of certain State contract information on the Internet; and making related repeals.
Unfortunately, you cannot use this law to peek into Obama's campaign donor information. The FEC has permanently sealed those documents. So much for transparency in government.

We can use this to keep an eye on the work being done by State agencies. Remember, an informed voter is a better Republican voter!

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