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Postcards from the 08 Election

Posted by Skye |

My brilliant blogger buddy Sean Hackbarth shared some interesting, connect-the-dot stories regarding the Blago/Obama senate seat scandal and the ongoing Coleman ballot counting:

With the Illinois seat Sen. Reid and the Democrats are in a bind. Roland Burris’ lawyer sent Sens. Reid, Durbin, and Feinstein a letter hoping for a “smooth transition” then citing Marbury v. Madison.

We have learned Sen. Reid was in contact with Gov. Blagojevich urging him not to appoint Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. to Obama’s Senate seat.

With the Minnesota seat Sen. Cornyn threatened to filibuster to stop Al Franken from being seated until the courts have dealt with his election against Sen. Norm Coleman.

An honest lefty will have to admit that they were played skillfully by Obama this election cycle. The rest will cling bitterly to their limited edition coffee mug and HOPE for a miracle. Unfortunately, the miracle they truly seek won't arrive until 2012.

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