7:56 PM

Hamas Distributer CNN Caught Peddling a Hoax

Posted by Skye |

Paliwood at its finest!

Confederate Yankee details the hoax:

But what marks this story as a hoax, and what elements point to media collusion in promoting this video as propaganda? Please watch the video above again, and we'll go through those elements step-by-step.

They are:

* basic medical procedures are poorly faked
* known propaganda actors are used in this film
* the site of the attack is poorly-constructed and inconsistent with a military attack.
* the body doesn't act like a body

CNN has pulled the video but left a transcript of the events in its place. This is the same organization that hid Saddam's atrocities in order to maintain media access to these thugs. There is no bar they will not crawl under in order to maintain a working relationship with terrorist organizations.

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