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BSG 4.5 Final Season Premier

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Well, ladies and gents, the day has finally arrived! The premier of the final season of Battlestar Galactica. Which has the distinct honor of being the only 4 season television show to run for 6 years.

The top question buzzing around the fan sites is the identity of the fifth and Final Cylon, which will be revealed at some point during this final season. Four of the five cylons have been revealed in Season 4.0, leaving fans speculating for nearly a year over the identity of the final cylon.

My own picks for this honor would be:

Gaeta: His character always came across as a darkhorse, always in the background and in close contact with the power players. He also was very good at hiding secrets, such as his sexuality.

Dee: Another character who found ways to connect personally and professionally with the leaders of the decimated human race. She also is the only lead female character that has not been killed, threatened with death or returned from the dead.

Zarek: A terrorist turned vice president - how Iranian. His political and underworld connections put him in contact with the leadership of the military and civilian fleet.

Barak Obama: A community organizer with close ties to a domestic terrorist and a racist religious leader manages to be elected leader of the most powerful nation on the planet. Besides the writers and actors all adore BO and voted for him, even the Canadian actors. Nothing is impossible in the realm of science fiction or presidential elections, it seems.

Last but not least:
Romo Lampkin: He is a civilian lawyer that appeared out of nowhere to defend Gauis Balter against the charge of genocide. He is highly manipulative of Lee Adama and is very cryptic about his former life. There is almost something supernatural about him and his damn cat.

I chose these individuals because of their connection to the leadership of the ragtag fleet. During the reveal episode of the 4 cylons, the writers made a point to connect each one of the 4 identified cylons to an individual of power in the colonial fleet. This is a trait the final cylon would have to have in order to hide in plain sight.

I don't believe Kara is the final cylon. There are indications that her character dies , for real this time, in this final season. Roslin or Bill Adama would be way to obvious. Speculation around the blogsphere claims that those pictured at the 'final supper' are not the final cylon.

What say you? Who do you believe is the final cylon? Check out the clues at SciFi.com

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