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Boscov Bailout Boondoggle UPDATE

Posted by Skye |

Previously on Boscov Bailout Boondoggle:

Boscov's was on the verge of bankruptcy, threatening to close 10 stores, throwing employees out into the snow...or some such nonsense.

Say it ain't so, Joe!

Via Patriot News:

Boscov's Department Stores reported the largest December profit ever made by the company. Between Dec. 4 and 31, the chain made $26 million, company officials said. Boscov's is still awaiting $35 million in loans the state is trying to arrange to help the 39-store chain regain solid footing.

I don't want to accuse Boscov's owners of fanning economic fears to foist an unnecessary Boscov Bailout on unsuspecting Pennsylvania taxpayers...or do I?

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