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West Chester Rally 12/20/08

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Nothing like brisk temperatures at a pro victory rally to re-energize your spirits! The Sheepdogs arrived early to this rally and waited patiently for the other side to show up. During this time, the Sheepdogs were treated to numerous honks of support by the passing motorists. In fact, during the entire rally, the motorists were clearly impressed with our display and positive message. The Sheepdog message speaks to the heart of American goodness and nobility and the public can't get enough of that. Lord knows we will need it in the coming four years.

The rally can be uplifting and educational as well. I had an object lesson on the importance of layers and that you need don many when outdoors in cold weather for an extended period of time.

It was a pleasure to welcome back NeoCon and his cameras. You can view his brilliance

You know it would not be a Sheepdog rally without a video:

We would love for you to join us! We rally every Saturday at the corner of High & Market Streets in West Chester, Pa from 10:45 till noon.

More photos of the rally can be found

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