12:44 PM

West Chester 12/27/2008

Posted by Skye |

A foggy day greeted the resilient Sheepdogs. We gathered in the mist, unfurling our flags, choosing a sign to hold, with honks of motorists becoming background music. All the while realizing we were missing one of our own, Rich Davis was unable to lead this group due to an unfortunate accident before Christmas. The Sheepdog website has more details on his condition and contact information. We ask you to keep Rich in your thoughts and prayers.

At the end of this rally, we gathered to continue our tradition of singing the Star Spangled Banner, reciting the Pledge, passing the Coin and concluding with a prayer. Joe Boyce stepped up and lead the group in prayer for our nation, our troops, and for Rich Davis.

We will continue until Rich once again stands with us - WE ARE SHEEPDOGS!

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