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Tuesday Tidbits

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Governor Sarah Palin makes a remarkable debut at the #2 spot on Gallup's "Most Admired Woman 2008". Not bad for a hockey mom from Wasilla. I look forward to her topping the list in the coming years.

Palin, McCain's 2008 vice presidential pick and the first woman ever to run on a Republican presidential ticket, makes a strong second place debut, named by 11% of Americans. Her entrance on the list crowds Oprah Winfrey out of second place, a position she held each year from 2002 through 2007. Winfrey now ranks third, mentioned by 8% of Americans (down from 16%) a year ago.
Mike's America examines how Carolyn Kennedy-Schlossberg makes Sarah Palin look like a genius (which she is). I guess she looked at Pennsylvania's Senator Casey and thought she too could win a Senate seat by pretending to be her father.

Voters may reasonably wonder just how low Democrats hold their esteem when confronted with news that Dems are trying to raffle off a Senate seat to the highest bidder in Illinois, a sad clown is trying to steal one in Minnesota, and someone with no other qualifications than who her father was is seriously considered for the seat representing one of the largest states in the union.

President George Bush and family gather at Camp David for Christmas:

Hello BDS sufferers - here is a nice dose of reality regarding the myths and facts of the Bush administration. Hope it helps.

Why The Office Rules:

All I am going to say is that I may or may not have known someone at my workplace that owned an 'orb'.

Israel sends humanitarian aid to Gaza, December 28, 2008:

Via This Ain't Hell: Israeli IDF have a YouTube account. This technology certainly redefines the 'theater' of war.

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